When planning your wedding, there are things that are nice to know, and there are things you need to know. If you're wondering whether there's something you may have missed (or even if you've got everything under control), check out our indispensable planning secrets and tips.

Floral Range of Wedding Invites

By Sinead OSullivan / March 25, 2014

Working on a new Floral Range of Wedding Invites, which will be added to my Inspiration Gallery on in the next week. Here is one to look at, if anyone is interested please contact us at The Invite Hub

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Make your invitations special for you

By Sinead OSullivan / March 21, 2014

Did anyone get engaged in Paris? A picture of Paris or anywhere that you got engaged would be a nice feature on your wedding invitations. Make your invitations special to you!

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FingerPrint Trees – a great memento

By Sinead OSullivan / March 10, 2014

New to the Invite Hub! We are now doing FingerPrint Trees, these are great idea for your reception. Not only a great talking point at your celebration, but a beautiful everlasting keepsake of your day and the guests that attended. Guests can add their fingerprints to the tree and also sign their names. Get it…

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Add a Timeline of the Wedding day on one panel of your invitations

By Sinead OSullivan / March 9, 2014

Add a Timeline of the Wedding day on one panel of your invitations. Have a look at this idea! This ranks as one of the coolest ideas we’ve worked on. It’s a great way to let guests know what’s happening on your day.

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Ice breakers for Reception Tables

By Sinead OSullivan / March 8, 2014

Some great ideas for ice breakers for reception tables. Wedding Advice Cards for Reception Tables – a great idea! Whether it’s heartfelt, informative or funny, guests will love sharing all their secrets to a long and happy relationship with the newly married couple. And it is a great way for people to chat around the…

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Wedding Mass Booklet

By Sinead OSullivan / March 7, 2014

Wedding Mass Booklets are a great way of bringing your wedding theme through the entire event. Anyone Looking for Mass Booklets or Mass Sheets, give me a call. If you have your invitations already we can do your Mass Booklets or Mass Sheets and design it similar to your invitations. If you need invitations we…

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Chocolate lovers wedding invite

By Sinead OSullivan / February 27, 2014

Any Chocolate lovers getting married, how cute are these! A really unusual approach to your wedding that some of our clients have used along with a chocolate fountain and small customised thank you takeaway chocolates.

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New Invitations

By Sinead OSullivan / February 25, 2014

Silver is becoming the new gold. New invitations are streamlined and minimalist to suit the pared back look for a classic but cool wedding.

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Wedding RSVP Card

By Sinead OSullivan / February 20, 2014

Life can be all too serious sometimes, add a little fun into your wedding cards, see these funny replies on our RSVP card! Also if you like these characters, I have loads of different versions for you to choose from, be the first to get these funny cartoons on your stationery. You can customise to…

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Personalised Dinner Menus

By Sinead OSullivan / February 19, 2014

Why not take your theme through all of your stationery? Save the date, table plans, menus, invitations and thank you cards. Personalised Dinner Menus for your Reception is a great idea for that personal touch. You can use the same design as your main invitations for a theme or design that your guests will remember.

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