The Invite Hub’s Guide to Wedding Reception Stationery

Weddings are such beautiful ceremonies and stationery is as essential a part of a wedding décor as the guests are! While people typically think wedding stationery starts and ends with wedding invitations, there is more to it! Keep on on reading and let us show you what we can do for you to make your wedding day memorable.

A beautiful wedding is not only one that is properly planned, but it is also one that follows a carefully selected theme allowing the atmosphere to represent the best mood the couple would like to be wedded in. While there is nothing as exciting as receiving a show-stopping save the date card or wedding invite, you can continue the excitement for everyone attending through the on the day stationery listed below.

Here at The Invite Hub, we love to continue working on all “on the day wedding stationery”, using the design we have created for your wedding invitation. Everything will look like it matches and will be sure to impress everyone. Your guests will be reminded of your beautiful wedding stationery style when they attend your very special day.

Here are a few items we feel is a must have:

Wedding Day Menus

If there is one thing guests look out for asides the radiating happiness from the wedding couple, it is the meal to be served. Following your selected theme for the day, inform your guests of the food that would be served with one of our menus.

Our wedding dinner menus are available in A4 size (folded in half) or DL size which is small enough to sit into your napkin. We print them on either a plain card, a shimmer pearlescent card (which has such a beautiful sparkle and shine) or else a heavy old mill matt card.

Click here to find out more about our wedding menus.

Wedding Day Table Plan

After your beautiful wedding ceremony and drinks reception, the first thing your guests will see as they walk into your reception is the wedding table plan. You want to make sure your table plan is easy for your guests to follow, when the bell rings for dinner there will be a mad rush when everyone starts to look for where they are seated!

Direct your guests to their tables in the most stylish way possible with one of our beautiful wedding table plans, matching your wedding stationery theme. Or why not bring in some of your personality into your table plan, e.g. a travel theme; have each table named after the countries you have both visited or a musical theme, name each table after a band or a song you both love. Here at The Invite Hub we can literally design any theme for you!

We can do different styles, from a large Foamex Board to rest on an easel to a poster type which you can then frame afterwards. Other quirky options are tags, where you can hang them from a tree, vintage suitcase, an old step ladder or a glamorous vintage mirror

Click here to find out more about our table plans.

Table Number Cards

Wedding table number cards give each wedding table a touch of style. Again these can match your invitation or can follow a theme you might have on your table plan. Music, travel etc.

Table number cards with matching menus and place name cards will make your wedding table look sophisticated and elegant. It will certainly catch the eye of all your guest.

Our table number cards are printed A5 in size and can again be on a plain card, a shimmer pearlescent card, or else a heavy old mill matt card.

Click here to find out more about our table plans.

Place Name Cards

All of our wedding place cards are designed with your wedding stationery theme in mind and will remind your guests of the beautiful wedding invitations you sent them a few months prior.

Place name cards help you put each guest at a chair you want them to sit on and especially can come helpful to the server where there are dietary restrictions.

With wedding place cards, your guests just have to find their table and their place card will show them to their exact seat (whilst adding a touch of style to each table, of course).

All you have to do is email us your guest names and we will do the rest. Your place name cards will be designed to match your invite and will have a guest name on each card.

Click here to find out more about our place name cards

Other On The Day Wedding Stationery ideas

We love to create everything and anything needed for your wedding reception. Match match match is our motto. If you are having sweet carts, a table for a guest book etc, then get us to create a beautiful sign, which can rest on tables with a backing leg. If you are having little gifts and favours for your guest, get us to design and print up little stickers or tags to tie or stick to each item. If you are having a little sparkle send off, let us create tags that attach onto each sparkle.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wishing Tree Tags
  • Wedding Guest Book
  • Wedding Favour Tags
  • Sweet Buffet Tags/Labels
  • Thumbprint Tree
  • Sparkles Tags
  • Signage ( this can indicate, drinks menus, men’s and ladies’ rooms, guest book signing sign – basically any spot you can think of)

With the above guide, you now know that it all goes beyond the wedding invite. These little details make the entire occasion come together seamlessly and can add the perfect touch of elegance you so desire.

For more information email [email protected] or give us a call at 01 211 8688 . We are here to make your day as special as it can be for you so don’t hesitate and ask us any wedding stationery questions you might have