The Importance of ‘Thank You’ cards

Congratulations!!! We hope you had an amazing wedding day and honeymoon, you’re probably back home now and all is starting to slowly feel normal again. As you’re spending some quality time with your partner looking through your amazing wedding photos, why not give thanks to those who made these moments so memorable. Personalised Thank You cards are a fantastic way to do this, send us some that are very meaningful to you and let us do the rest!

Some might find it tempting to skip the ‘Thank You’ cards altogether. But, in fact these cards show the appreciation for your guests attendance and gratitude for their gifts. These are the special people in your life that you choose to spend your big day with, giving a ‘Thank You’ card is a lovely way to express this.

We, The Invite Hub, love to be part of creating a beautiful memento for your day to share. A custom made thank you card, designed with your favourite wedding photos, is the perfect solution. A keepsake like this is something your friends and family can keep forever! All you need to do is send us the pictures and decide what type of card you want, and we’ll do the rest.

You can personalise your wedding thank you cards with a longer message or keep it short and sweet with room to write extra personal thank you notes to your guests by hand. If you need help sorting through wedding thank you messages, certainly reach out to us for a bit of advice!

You can find more info on our Thank You Cards here.