What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Put On Your Wedding Invitations?

What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Put On Your Wedding Invitations?

We have all the tips below !

Your wedding stationery is your guests first glimpse into your big day!! So ensure you spend some time brushing up on wedding wording etiquette. There are a few rules to learn when writing your invites.


  1. Traditionally, whoever is hosting is listed first on the invitation, So if the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding their names appear first. Same applies if the groom’s parents are hosting.
  • If both parents of the bride and groom host together the invite appears as ‘Together with their families Ms. X and Mr. Y…’.
  • If the bride and groom host the invite will open with both names of bride ( maiden name ) and groom.

(This is probably the most traditional formality of wording etiquette for invitations)


  1. Location (country, city and venue address)

This is extremely important for a destination wedding and for family traveling overseas.

People will need to make their travel arrangements when they receive your invite. Specifying the Country, city and venue location only makes it easier for your guests to get there smoothly.

  • Date and start time of the wedding

Sounds like an obvious one but it is the most important !

Your guests will need to make arrangements on how they may travel to your wedding. If your wedding doesn’t begin until the early evening, that gives people who aren’t too far away the option to travel that morning. However, if your wedding begins in the early afternoon, guests may want to travel the night before and organise accommodation. Be as specific as possible so family and friends can plan accordingly.

  • Direction and Accommodation Cards / Wedding Website

Whether you choose to include a separate accommodation card or choose to create a website with these details it really is a personal preference !

It is important to include a variety of accommodations and detailed information about the timeline for the weekend, such as welcome parties, the day after party etc.


  1. Invited Guest(s)

This is hand written on the outer envelope with the First and last names of guests invited.

This is especially important if you’re only inviting a few members of a household to your wedding.

It also clarifies if you just inviting parents of the household or inviting the children too, ie The X Family’

When inviting a guest and you don’t know the name of their plus one, you can just include ‘and guest’ on the invitation. (This also saves any awkwardness for any recent breakups of your invited guest !)


What not to write on your invitations

Your invitations should be easy to read and understand. Trying to squeeze too much onto the invitation card can make it harder to read and it won’t look as elegant. Leave things like directions to your wedding venue and details about post wedding celebrations or activities for your separate enclosure cards or wedding website. Avoid saying things like ‘kid-free wedding‘ as it doesn’t set the nicest tone for your special day.

Its wiser just to be clear on the invitees on the outside envelope!

We hope these tips help in your invitation preparation.

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